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Soho Place

Soho Place
Soho Place2
Soho Place


Brogan Group




August 2020

Situated on the extremely busy junction of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street, Soho Place presents a number of challenges for the scaffold access required. Node Scaffold Design managed the design of various structures required around the perimeter of the new build frame to enable cladding and glazing works, directly above the public thoroughfare.

Located above Tottenham Court Road Crossrail Station, the project is composed of a 10-storey mixed use building, along with commercial office space block of nine floors also including a 600 seat theatre. Due to the nature of the works and the high public presence to the perimeter of the building, the scaffolds involved a large amount of planning and coordination between the logistics team and trades utilising the access, to ensure the design covered all needs and could be approved prior to erection by all parties.

Utilising the existing structural and architectural BIM models of the building, Node Scaffold Design were able to model the proposed scaffold designs in full 3D, to allow the stakeholders to ensure the public areas were not being imposed upon in any unnecessary way, ensuring clear access routes and the safety of the public were the main focus. A complex project that we were delighted to be involved in!

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