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Our History

Node began as a small idea to begin providing an excellent scaffold design service to companies, and since it's inception has grown far beyond what the first set of goals for the company were, expanding to work alongside some of the largest names in the industry.



Node Scaffold Design was founded by Rory and Akua, leveraging Rory's seven years of experience with one of London’s largest scaffold, hoist and mast-climbing work platform suppliers.


With a vision for innovation, the team quickly grew, adding Jonathan, a talented 2D and 3D design engineer, to enhance their design capabilities. Their commitment to quality and precision set the foundation for Node Scaffold Design's future success.



The year 2020 saw significant growth for Node Scaffold Design. Derek, a former trainee of Rory with a strong background in powered access design, joined the team after having supported Node from the early stages in freelance capacity.


Another addition was Ross, Rory's father, who was brought on to manage key administration tasks and accounting, and to help ensure the scaffold design team stayed on track doing what they do best.


Additionally, another Ross, with a mechanical design background and a strong 3D skillset, was hired. Embracing new software tools, Node adapted to the challenges posed by the pandemic, enhancing their design services with advanced 2D and 3D modeling technologies.


These strategic hires and technological enhancements allowed Node to deliver more precise and efficient scaffolding designs, meeting the evolving needs of their clients and ensuring project success even during challenging times.



In 2022, Darren, Rory's mentor, joined as a director, bringing extensive engineering design knowledge to the team.


His expertise contributed to making 2022 Node Scaffold Design's most successful year yet, with numerous exciting projects and new client partnerships. Darren's leadership helped drive innovation and excellence, setting the stage for future achievements.



In 2019, Node Scaffold Design tackled several high-profile projects, including the complex Fulham Gas Works, which involved working with Heritage Listed Buildings. This project demonstrated Node's ability to handle intricate and challenging scaffolding requirements, solidifying their reputation as experts in bespoke scaffolding solutions.



After 3 years of high level growth and expansion, Node's 4th year looked to be another great and busy year.  To ensure Node continued in this vein and plan for the future Ed joined the team.

Node Scaffold Design continued to expand in 2021, focusing on analytics and growth. This strategic emphasis helped the company manage increasing project demands and effectively plan for future growth. By leveraging data and insights, Node as able to optimize their operations and maintain a high standard of service delivery.



In 2023, Node Scaffold Design established their main head office in Walthamstow and a satellite office in Ireland, expanding their reach and operational capacity.


The team also welcomed two new members, Lorcan and Pablo. Lorcan, with an architectural background and strong 3D design capabilities, and Pablo, who joined from a powered access supplier specializing in hoist design, were strong hires.


Their expertise ensures that Node continues to meet the high standards set in previous years, enhancing the company's ability to deliver top-quality scaffold design solutions.

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