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Our History

Node began as a small idea to begin providing an excellent scaffold design service to companies, and since it's inception has grown far beyond what the first set of goals for the company were, expanding to work alongside some of the largest names in the industry.



After spending 7 years working in house for one of the largest suppliers of scaffold and powered access in London, Rory created Node Scaffold Design alongside his partner, Akua.

Node was created to provide modern, consistent and high quality design service to all clients. To keep up with demand Rory took on his previous trainee, Derek to help with adhoc, freelance support when required.

Three months later with even more demand on the horizon, with his background in Civil Engineering and brilliant 2D and 3D design skills Johnathan joined Node. Within eight months Node had grown from the duo of Rory and Akua to the beginning of a team.



As Node grew so did our admin. To support this side of the business Ross (Rory's father) was brought on board. Having someone to trust with key business tasks was key for Node, and this enabled the company to provide an even smoother service for everyone.

With the restrictions brought in during 2020, Node was kept busy with ongoing key projects whilst also using this time to further develop our capabilities with new software to provide an improving design service.


As a 2020 ended along came a massive increase in upcoming projects. To ensure Node had the the capacity to cover these and future projects another hire was on the horizon. Coming off the back of Gold and Bronze medals at World Skills, and with an extremely strong CAD background in mechanical engineering Ross was brought on to the team.


As we added to our systems we also added to our team again. Derek officially joined the company full time during peak lockdown. Being one of the early supporters of Node it was a long time coming, and a great step in building the teams capabilities.



Into our fourth year brought the opportunity for large advancement, having brought on key customers and clients throughout 2021, this increased amount of work allowed the company to bring on another director to manage the high level projects and customer needs required.

Darren joined Node at the beginning of 2022, being Rory's mentor and original manager when he first joined the industry in 2011. Bringing across a wealth of engineering design knowledge and experience, as well as having already managed a design team for years for one of the largest access providers, he seamlessly fit into the Node methodology and helped make 2022 our biggest year yet.

With exciting new clients and projects in the works, 2022 allowed the team to develop and hone our key skills and strategies, leveraging everyone's strengths to form a unique level of service and design.



The latter end of 2019 brought some complex projects with one standing out amongst the rest, Fulham Gas Works. The challenge represented by working on two Heritage Listed Buildings stood out as a real milestone in the development of Node, cementing our ability to deliver a project of this scope.

As Node took on more complex projects, our first in house designer was brought onboard. As our first ever full time employee.



After 3 years of high level growth and expansion, Node's 4th year looked to be another great and busy year.  To ensure Node continued in this vein and plan for the future Ed joined the team.


With a strong track record of business experience, having headed up international growth for a mammoth craft brewer, and European expansion for a distillery, Ed was brought on to manage and track Node's day to day analytics, and forecasts the companies growth so the team can always keep an eye on the future.

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