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Imperial West



Proplant Scaffolding




January 2021

Replacing the hydraulic rams of a BMU unit located on the 37th floor of a tower is no easy feat. A small but complex project, Imperial West came to Node Scaffold Design through a long term client with an initial brief to support a 25,000kg ballast weight of a BMU to enable partial dismantle and replacement of hydraulic rams.

From there, it then grew in requirements to incorporate a lifting beam with running rail above the rams to enable the install, due to the space constraints on the roof, the usual method of works was not feasible. The frame was a freestanding support structure with ties at base of standards only, and a upper level NIKO rail frame and netting installed above the roof level parapet.

Through various revisions and calculations to ensure all requirements were captured, and the frame being put through rigorous 2D frame analysis to ensure stability, the design had a detailed review from main contractor engineers and put into use. Thank you as always to the team at Proplant Scaffolding, for their expertise and excellent install as usual.

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