Temporary Roof with Access Scaffold


BCM Scaffolding


August 2018

Node Scaffold Design were contacted to produce a full design for a temporary roof cover to the existing roof area of a project on Dover Street, London. The temporary roof was to also incorporate a perimeter access scaffold to the roof area, to allow works to be carried out along the parapet walls and repairs. A design had already been produced for this scaffold, however due to stringent temporary works checks by the clients in-house temporary works department, this design was not accepted and BCM Scaffolding approached us to produce a new design in line with requirements.

The support scaffold for the temproary roof had to be erected from two roof levels due to space constraints, and each scaffold was to be anchored to the existing structure. Initial design allowed for standard base fixings, however due to existing structural capacity a bespoke fixing detail was produced by Node Scaffold Design to allow spreading of loads through a larger area.

As this structure was to be erected in the winter months, additional attention had to be allowed for adverse weather conditions. Full wind analysis was carried out on the structure through 3D frame analysis, and submitted to the client with the 3D model as well as full 2D technical drawings.